Anonymous: Both of his kids or just Thomas?

I don’t know the kids names but it was the older one. He looked like 3ish 4ish?

Anonymous: And did you get any pics of them?

Lol. No. I work there so I can’t really pester anyone. We get a fuck ton of celebrities at our whole foods and we kinda have to leave them alone. He’s just the only one I actually gave a shit about.

Anonymous: Was Jared's wife Genevieve with him? Any more details please

Yeah she was there and the kid. He came in went straight to the back for some wine then was outside for like 20 minutes drinking wine and hanging with his family.

happyjared: omg what city???

Austin, TX


Lamar and 6th in Austin, TX.

I’m watching Jared Padalecki have a glass of wine at the whole foods I work at as I’m typing this!!!! In losing my shit!!


American Horror Story: Asylum Twerk Team

I can’t express how much I love this

The real Lady Dahmer
That kid from “paranormal activity:the marked ones” can get it.