My best friend/roommates glass is fuggin awesome. Especially when it has wine in it.
Using Stephens garden tub while he’s at work. Haha. I don’t think I’ve taken a proper bath in years.


An old SNL sketch parodying Klymaxx

My half of the bill is 0

Stop making these supernatural teenagers fight INSANLEY strong supernatural beings and beat them only to follow up with them being captured by HUMANS.

icarusthesupernaturalpig: Which Whole Foods was that?

6th and Lamar. In Austin,Tx

Anonymous: Great picture of Jared. I see his son Thomas but was there anyone else with him to help with carrying things since the poor guy has a broken shoulder!

There was 3 people with him. His wife and I’m guessing his wife’s parents cause they both resembled her. And both kids.

Not a great pic cause I had to do a sneak attack. But before I went searching for him to take this I had to squeeze by him butt to butt cause he was in my way. Lmao
My oldest sister